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PHNA joined the network of City-sanctioned neighborhood associations in 1988. Since then many, many volunteers have committed time and energy to PHNA to improve our neighborhood. Many of the improvements in our neighborhood would not have happened without PHNA. Projects have included:

  • Gibson Blvd improvements (landscaping and turning lane)
  • Zuni Road landscaping
  • Park and public area improvements
  • Construction of Whittier shelter and playgrounds

PHNA has provided the individual resident with a powerful voice to the City of Albuquerque and our political representatives. You may have noticed new tables, benches and garbage cans in most of our park areas since Spring 2007; PHNA asked Martin Heinrich for these and he was successful in meeting our request.

He also has obtained funding for the Whittier Community Center. General meetings at Whittier School provide neighbors a chance to voice concerns (such as crime, noise, and traffic) and to get to know other residents. PHNA also sponsors the National Night Out party and the September Yard Sales.

PHNA Bylaws