San Mateo Blight

A group of residents has come together to address the neglected and abandoned mall on the corner of San Mateo and Kathryn SE. We are calling ourselves United For Change. We have met with our County Commissioner, Maggie Hart Stebbins and our City Council representative Rey Garduno, and we are asking residents to join our movement and become one united voice before our civic leaders and property owners and revitalize the area.


There are many ways that individuals can help. The document WhatYouCanDo lists important social media and internet links to help us spread the word, stay updated, and further our cause.


The document Proclamation is a general proclamation drafted by resident members and supported by PHNA. We plan to attend city council meetings and speak before the council using this proclamation. We ask that residents of our neighborhood and surrounding district try to attend at least one of the meetings. Individuals don’t need to speak if they don’t wish to, however, showing up and being a part of the group makes a tremendous impact and lets our city council and council representative that we are serious about this. Carpooling can be organized if people need it.


The document CityCouncilMeetingProtocol includes some dos and don’ts about attending the city council meetings. You can sign up for a council meeting here: