Upcoming meeting: Southeast Corridor / District 6 Public Safety

WHEN: February 9, 6:00-8:00 pm


WHERE: Wilson Middle School Library, 1138 Cardenas SE


Facilitators: Sara Mancini & Vanessa Baca from Council Neighborhood Services / Office of Neighborhood Coordination


Also in attendance: Sean Foran from Councilor Davis’ office, Laura Kuehn from APD’s SE Substation (Crime Prevention/Crime Free Programs), Steve Sink with Neighborhood Watch and Andrew DeGarmo, Planner



6:00-6:15 Introductions
6:15-7:00 Discussion Groups
7:00-7:30 Report out of ideas from different tables
7:30-8:00 Mingle




  • Table 1: Neighborhood Watch programs – how can you create and grow a neighborhood watch program for your block?
  • Table 2: Addressing home security & safety – what steps can you take to make your house safer?
  • Table 3: Addressing business security & safety – what steps can you take to make your business safer?
  • Table 4: Neighborhood multimodal security & safety – how can we improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists & bus passengers?